Treatment of DMSD


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound treatment restores circulation to muscles through increased blood flow and heat. It also breaks up scar tissue and deep adhesions (areas where connective tissue fibers have formed over mucsle) via sound waves. Therapeutic ultrasound reduces trigger point sensitivity, manages facial pain, and reduces the stiffness and discomfort in trigger points.

Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation

Sub-threshold micro-current stimulation reduces muscle spasms and referred pain through a very low level electrical signal to decrease lactic acid buildup and increase healthy nerve stimulation. Micro-current eletrotherapy can significantly help to increase the amount of mouth opening.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level (cold) laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation, accelerates healing in muscle/joint tissues, and reconnects neurological pathways in the brain stem.

Manual Muscle/Trigger Point Therapy

Manual muscle/trigger point therapy decreases and eliminates pain and tension in the trigger points by breaking up muscle knots and increasing blood frow. This results in decreasing inflammation and pain in muscles.


As part of DMSD treatment, a home care system and intraoral orthotic device is used by patients for daily therapy at home. Exercises are also used at home.


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